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Baskets, baskets Galore!

They hold fruit, Easter eggs, old magazines, and blankets. But more than any material good, these baskets hold stories; moments of hope for a group of women residing in Byumba, Rwanda. These women are single mothers with few rights and even fewer options to provide for their children.

Hannah Ministries is a partner of Yobel’s that provides skills training for these women to learn to weave beautiful baskets. We have the unique privilege of watching these women enter the program, and begin to establish skills. And as they practice, work hard, and practice some more, their skills improve. In fact, they have done so incredibly well that our orders have increased every time. We are so proud of the work they are doing, and the ethically made products they are offering the world.


Now, when I look at my basket containing delicious reminders of summer on the kitchen counter, I see not only the beauty of that basket, but also Jaqueline’s face. I know that because I purchased that basket, she is able to pay school fee’s for her children.


Do you need something to hold those delicious Palisade peaches that keep tempting all of us here at Yobel Market? Would you like your dollars to really count? Come to the boutique and choose your basket today! These are one of a kind, hand-made beauties, and there is a limited supply. They are going quick!


Don’t’ live in Colorado? Never fear. Head on over to www.yobelmarket.com and pick out which woven creation suits your fancy. I will PERSONALLY send it to you with great delight, knowing that these baskets are finding great homes!

How spending locally has an impact globally

I'm a new member of the Yobel Market community. So much of what Yobel does fills my heart so fully with joy--raising trafficking awareness, work in other countries, their awesome products, and perhaps most importantly, their entrepreneur programs.

Global outreach sustains local interests. Though I haven’t been on any trips with Yobel (yet), I’ve been able to participate in global empowerment just by supporting them locally. Buying the not-so-local ethical gifts at our very local Yobel Market not only supports budding entrepreneurs in other countries, but also fosters a powerful consumer community locally.



There’s incredible power in a consumer’s choice to purchase ethically. Yobel seeks to educate consumers about the impact that their spending can have in the lives of people from around the world. We often vote with our dollars, more often than we may even be aware of. Of course we know we buy clothes, food, home goods etc, because we like the way they fit, feel, and taste, but those purchases also say that we support that company and we approve of what they do.

Most people do not have the time or forethought to research the practices of every company before buying a product. Yobel’s products are fairly made and ethically sourced. But Yobel takes it a step further to explain why the purchase of this scarf versus that one is wiser and more beneficial to everyone involved. Our money says that we not only support a local retailer and small business, but that we also support their efforts to end exploitation. Win--win, if you ask me.



Yobel makes it easy for us as consumers to get involved with a global initiative without ever having to leave home. Far more important than that, we as consumers get to know the artisans who created our new favorite scarf, coffee, living room blanket, fair trade jewelry and other alternative gifts. We are introduced to these men and women through pictures, videos and first hand stories,. These personal encounters highlight the connection between buying ethically and participating globally. The power to promote change is in our hands, or rather, in our wallets.

Volunteering with Yobel is another way to make a global difference from the local level. Volunteers can choose their commitment level and which events to participate in--even times and jobs are negotiable. Volunteering locally supports and sustains development globally. Attending events like the annual garage sale or the Bringing Hope 5k is another way to get out and support Yobel. See the pattern yet? Our local involvement has the power to positively impact the entire world.


Each time we buy a beautifully handcrafted product we stand up and say that we have the power to shape the world around us. Yobel not only empowers our local community, but also empowers the voiceless and the exploited in countries all around the world.

Written by Kaley

Fashion, changing lives.

Some of the hardest products to find in the fair-trade industry are clothing. Well we are here to give you a few tools to finding ethically made clothing! One of the most challenging pieces to this puzzle is that the fashion industry is always changing based on current trends. Thankfully, one of the newest trends is sustainable, ethical clothing options. There are a lot of companies that have jumped on board and are creating stylish pieces that are great for the world and the environment. Whether you enjoy organic cotton, recycled clothing, or all natural dyes these companies will have what you need.
H&M has not only created a sustainable and ethical line of clothing, but part of their business model is dedicated to the production and support of conscious clothing. At H&M their conscious clothing line has a green tag so it is easily recognizable for customers. Currently 15.8% of their cotton comes from sustainable sources; however, their goal is 100% by the year 2020. They offer organic leather that is vegetable-tanned and sourced from Sweden. H&M also reuses and recycles clothing. They have collected over 3,000 tons of garments, and have used the equivalent of 9.5 million plastic bottles of recycled polyester. All of their plastic bags are made from recycled materials as well. They make sustainability fashionable all while keeping their prices reasonable.
H&M currently outsources their production, but they are creating jobs and fair wages for some of the poorest nations. All of their suppliers pay the workers a fair living wage. H&M has also been educating over 800,000 workers in Bangladesh and India about their rights. They are not only creating sustainable clothing, but helping the economy of other countries.
They created a website that helps customers care for their garments while helping the environment. The website is clever and fun with interactive graphics.
Alternative Apparel logo
Alternative Apparel is a website with clothing dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable options. All of their cotton is 100% certified organic and grown pesticide free. They use low- impact dyes in all of their Alternative Earth products and most of their other clothing items. Those dyes do not contain any heavy metals or toxic substances so they are good for you and the environment. Two of their unique clothing options are Eco-Heather and Eco-Fleece. Both of them are made from a blend of 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles) and rayon (plant cellulose). They also offer a clothing line that is made in Peru using plant based dyes and alpaca wool.
Alternative Apparel stands to be socially responsible and they care about the world around them. Their textiles and fabric are sourced geographically, so they produce in many different countries.  In all of their production facilities they stand for fair wages and benefits, no forced or child labor, health, safety, and environmental protection.
You can read about their view on sustainability here.
Gaiam is a yoga and fitness company dedicated to creating fair trade and sustainable items. They pride themselves on their fair trade organic t-shirts, clothing, and home good items. Their items are made and sourced by the Rajlakshmi Cotton Mill in India. This cotton mill is one of the few in the world that sources organic cotton and pays a fair price for it. They help support their workers in India by providing educational classes, a fair living wage, access to healthcare, and improved living conditions. You can check out their fair trade products here.
This well-known fashion designer has made a commitment to offer sustainable products while helping the environment. The company tries to use as much organic cotton as possible, and they are always searching for eco-friendly products. Currently, 34 % of their denim, and 36% of their jersey is made from organic cotton. Their children’s line offers 50% of their knitwear with organic cotton. Stella has also created a carrier bag that is made from corn and is 100% biodegradable.
Stella McCartney initiated the Clean by Design program in 2012. It is used in their Italian mills, and increases the efficiency while decreasing the environmental impact of the mills.  In that same year, they also joined the Ethical Trading Initiative. Check out her line!
If you are having trouble locating an item of clothing that is made sustainability and ethically, find your way to this website . You will have the opportunity to  match your favorite mainstream stores to stores that offer sustainable clothing options. Once you log in, you can find alternatives to some of your favorite shopping venues, such as Anthropology, Banana Republic, and J Crew.
It is pretty awesome that these stores and many others are starting to source their materials sustainably. They are doing their part to help the world and the environment, and that is something we can all get behind.
So the next time you need a new set of kicks, work-out clothes, or a dress for that
Saturday night date, find your way to one of these great shops! You can rest assured that your dollar counts!
-Written by Elizabeth EicherX

Written by Sarah Ray — June 23, 2014

Changing The World With Ethical Gifts

“Money is power.” This oft repeated and disconcertingly true statement has driven mankind to find ways to become profitable for thousand of years. In a society as driven by consumerism as America we see it clearly. From lofty politicians to the general populace we use money to gain the position and authority that we desire in whatever circle we move in. Yobel Market is thrilled to take this reality as an opportunity and offer ethical gifts that empower people groups who are enslaved by poverty and injustice. 


When you choose to become a conscientious consumer you are choosing to use your money to empower the displaced, impoverished, and exploited people groups of the world rather than a large corporation who’s values you may or may not agree with. Last Christmas the average American household spent about $800 on gifts. Imagine if this incredibly large sum could be spent on ethical gifts and fair trade products. If money is power as the saying tells us then you can help change the world simply by making small changes such as wearing fair trade jewelry or drinking fair trade coffee. This basic power exchange is what makes becoming a conscientious consumer so important. 

 Yobel Market is thrilled to offer you a reliable way to shop ethically and understand who your money is empowering. We are passionate about promoting consumer education while simultaneously benefiting the people groups we work with. As Father’s Day approaches and you are trying to think of an alternative gift to show the dads in your life that you care, choose to promote dignity and freedom worldwide and check out the options that the fair trade world has to offer!

Written by Sarah Ray — May 20, 2014

Product Feature of the Week: Luna Necklace

The tides are turning in the fashion industry. Aren't they always? Well, we've taken a sneak peak into the future and boy do we have news for you!
If it's gold and it's tribal, it's a win!
What better luck could we have for our artisans around the world. They get to produce their very own designs, and it's just what we are looking for here in the states. And does Yobel have just the fair trade jewelry for you!
Hand crafted in the hills of Peru, these brass necklaces are a means of survival for the women in Lima. Often a second income, even if a small amount, can be just what they need, as we hear from Primi.
Get yourself on over to Yobel, to pick yours up today or find the perfect ethical gift for a friend! Each necklace is a bit different, so check them all out and find the one that suits you best! 

Hey Mom! Look what I got you.....

Moms. They are the best of the best, the cat's meow, the bee's knees, tops, the cream of the crop. I mean let's face it. Motherhood is probably the most self-sacrificing job on the planet. We take our hats off to you Mom! And in order to help our Yobel friends honor you, we are offering free shipping across our entire line from now through Mother's Day. Or if you are a mom and want to get a little something for yourself, who could blame you? You give a lot. So go ahead - pick out a new pair of earrings or some yummy Divine chocolate and treat yourself. This is the one day that gets to be about you and ONLY you! Although by shopping Fair Trade you are technically also making this about others. But that's just how you roll...I mean, you are a mom after all, loving others just goes with the territory. Free Shipping Code IHEARTMOM. 



We will be around the office throughout the week, if you'd like to come shop...just give us a call and make sure we aren't in a meeting. (719-433-1318) or pop in any time you'd like on Saturday, from 10-5. What better way to show your mom just how much you care about her, than getting her a beautifully handmade india gift or some fair trade jewelry, with a great story behind it! 

Product Feature of the Week: Costa Rican Bow Clutch

Have you been in search of the perfect clutch? The right sized-carry all for your lip gloss, phone charger, and gum? A travel bag for all of your travel-sized goodies? These clutches are not only the solution to all of these problems, but are also made fairly in Costa Rica by women who previously had no other sustainable source of income. 


These clutches have been hand-stitched by women living in oppressive situations in the San Jose area to take care of your coming-and-going needs! Stop by Yobel Market on Saturdays to get your hands on the perfect alternative gift! 


Product Feature of the Week: Graphic Print Skirts

Every morning, as that buzzing alarm sounds far-too-early, I peek out the window. It's decision time. Before I even roll out of bed I'm wondering,"What am I going to wear today?" Especially in Colorado, the mornings can be cold, the afternoons hot, and the evenings rather chilly. How to cover all that fickle goodness?

My excellent solution lies in the versatile skirt. Easily paired with boots, flats, a cardigan, or tank top, skirts are an essential piece to any wardrobe, as they offer an easy solution to my spring-time dilemma. Because of these fantastic qualities, Yobel knew that we MUST add a skirt to our growing Fair Trade clothing collection.

Our friends down in Juarez have directed their own sewing co-op for the past 3 years, discovering their sewing abilities and establishing sustainable provisions for their families. After sewing stuffed birdies, bibs, aprons, and scarves, we knew they were ready….ready for the big leagues. Apparel.

The skirts are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Created in small batches, these graphic prints don't last long! So get yourself down to Yobel today, and snatch yourself up a skirt. The sun keeps tempting us out of those jeans ladies, and you know it's time to sport those stems you've been hiding all winter!

Product Feature of the Week: The Hammered Brass Earring Collection

There is a term here at Yobel that we like to use entitled the 'last ten percent'….LTP if you will. LTP is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, the glitter on your greeting card. For most women, that translates as: ACCESSORIES. My personal favorite accessory to wear is jewelry, namely, earrings. Earrings, in my humble opinion, are a game changer. A simple outfit can become fabulous with a great pair of earrings. After a long run of wearing big, dramatic earrings, I've turned a corner, looking for a "smaller earring" option. Many failed attempts later, I have found the perfect pair. And what do you know, they're right here literally under my nose. I am pleased to introduce you to the Hammered Brass Collection at Yobel Market.
Made deep in the southern region of India - Tamil Nadu to be specific - these little beauties are the source of some major opportunity for a group of women who now get to design and create jewelry. These skills bring status to them and their families within this society, oftentimes for the very first time. Each individual piece of hammered brass is hand-cut to perfection, creating the perfect combination of handmade beauty with quality and class.
With designs for every personality, this is an addition to your jewelry collection that you don't want to miss. Visit Yobel Market today to find the style that's just right for you. Can't make it in? Never fear. Visit our website for earrings and more!
*Kylie's got fancy did some mix'n and match'n*

Product Feature: Crocheted Silver Jewelry

Looking for some versatile jewelry to dress up for all those holiday parties and get-togethers? Searching for a gift to give that person who is so difficult to buy for? Look no further than Yobel’s crocheted silver jewelry handmade by women in Peru. These earrings and necklaces are one of a kind and can be worn with everything from a wedding dress to jeans on a casual night out with friends.
Skilled women in Lima, Peru are able to provide their children with an education using the income they receive from selling their beautiful jewelry. Just Trade and the Zoe Project give these women opportunities to use their skills and creativity to design beautiful and unique pieces. Several of these women used to work long hours in factories and had to be away from their children all day. By partnering with the Zoe Project, they are able to work from home and spend time with their families while still providing for their financial needs. Nieves uses her income from making jewelry to pay for her own education and to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher one day. Each woman’s story is different, but all share the common thread of being able to use their skills and creative ideas to make something beautiful that will provide a sustainable income and a bright future for themselves and their families.


Hello there conscientious consumer! You have come to a place of beautifully created goods exemplifying incredible craftsmanship from around the world. Each hand-picked gift bears the story of an individual on a journey out of poverty and exploitation, into freedom and dignity. We hope you will enjoy connecting with our global community as you peruse our fairly-traded, sustainably created wares while considering those who are behind them.

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