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Product Feature of the Week: Graphic Print Skirts

Every morning, as that buzzing alarm sounds far-too-early, I peek out the window. It's decision time. Before I even roll out of bed I'm wondering,"What am I going to wear today?" Especially in Colorado, the mornings can be cold, the afternoons hot, and the evenings rather chilly. How to cover all that fickle goodness?

My excellent solution lies in the versatile skirt. Easily paired with boots, flats, a cardigan, or tank top, skirts are an essential piece to any wardrobe, as they offer an easy solution to my spring-time dilemma. Because of these fantastic qualities, Yobel knew that we MUST add a skirt to our growing Fair Trade clothing collection.

Our friends down in Juarez have directed their own sewing co-op for the past 3 years, discovering their sewing abilities and establishing sustainable provisions for their families. After sewing stuffed birdies, bibs, aprons, and scarves, we knew they were ready….ready for the big leagues. Apparel.

The skirts are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Created in small batches, these graphic prints don't last long! So get yourself down to Yobel today, and snatch yourself up a skirt. The sun keeps tempting us out of those jeans ladies, and you know it's time to sport those stems you've been hiding all winter!

Product Feature of the Week: The Hammered Brass Earring Collection

There is a term here at Yobel that we like to use entitled the 'last ten percent'….LTP if you will. LTP is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, the glitter on your greeting card. For most women, that translates as: ACCESSORIES. My personal favorite accessory to wear is jewelry, namely, earrings. Earrings, in my humble opinion, are a game changer. A simple outfit can become fabulous with a great pair of earrings. After a long run of wearing big, dramatic earrings, I've turned a corner, looking for a "smaller earring" option. Many failed attempts later, I have found the perfect pair. And what do you know, they're right here literally under my nose. I am pleased to introduce you to the Hammered Brass Collection at Yobel Market.
Made deep in the southern region of India - Tamil Nadu to be specific - these little beauties are the source of some major opportunity for a group of women who now get to design and create jewelry. These skills bring status to them and their families within this society, oftentimes for the very first time. Each individual piece of hammered brass is hand-cut to perfection, creating the perfect combination of handmade beauty with quality and class.
With designs for every personality, this is an addition to your jewelry collection that you don't want to miss. Visit Yobel Market today to find the style that's just right for you. Can't make it in? Never fear. Visit our website for earrings and more!
*Kylie's got fancy did some mix'n and match'n*

Product Feature: Crocheted Silver Jewelry

Looking for some versatile jewelry to dress up for all those holiday parties and get-togethers? Searching for a gift to give that person who is so difficult to buy for? Look no further than Yobel’s crocheted silver jewelry handmade by women in Peru. These earrings and necklaces are one of a kind and can be worn with everything from a wedding dress to jeans on a casual night out with friends.
Skilled women in Lima, Peru are able to provide their children with an education using the income they receive from selling their beautiful jewelry. Just Trade and the Zoe Project give these women opportunities to use their skills and creativity to design beautiful and unique pieces. Several of these women used to work long hours in factories and had to be away from their children all day. By partnering with the Zoe Project, they are able to work from home and spend time with their families while still providing for their financial needs. Nieves uses her income from making jewelry to pay for her own education and to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher one day. Each woman’s story is different, but all share the common thread of being able to use their skills and creative ideas to make something beautiful that will provide a sustainable income and a bright future for themselves and their families.

Product Feature of the Week: Handwoven Rwandan Baskets

Brightening your kitchen with a splash of color? Organizing your keys and knick-knacks, perhaps?There's simply no end to the possibilities with these handwoven baskets! They're made from hand-dyed Sisal Grass in Rwanda, and each one has a story.

Take Epiphania, for example. A mother of two, she pays for school materials with the money she earns making baskets. She's just one of the women participating in this income generation project.
So go ahead. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind basket. Fill it with fresh apples ... or pile it with Halloween candy! And make a purchase that brings freedom and dignity at the same time. 

Product Feature of the Week: Richwood Cutting Boards

Looking for a good wedding or housewarming gift? Why not choose a beautifully crafted cutting board! These rustic cutting boards are made from remnant wood pieces from local builders in West Virginia. The wood is handpicked for each piece from Appalachia. These beautiful cutting boards come in a chevron, tribal, or herringbone pattern, but if you would like to personalize a cutting board to make a special gift, you can send a high resolution graphic to Yobel and receive a custom gift in two to three weeks! Not only are the designs eye-catching, the cutting board is functional and easy to store. It can be used to serve charcuterie and cheeses, and is great for chopping vegetables. Whether sitting on the counter or hanging on the wall, it is sure to look fantastic!   
Your purchase of a Richwood Cutting Board supports Young Life Ministries in Richwood, West Virginia by providing them with sustainable funding. Young Life Ministries works to empower youth by building relationships, providing life-changing experiences, nurturing, encouraging, and helping young people to develop the skills and attitudes they will need to be successful. When buying a Richwood Cutting Board, you not only receive a beautifully crafted and uniquely designed cutting board, you help youth in West Virginia reach their true potential through loyal relationships with mentors who are committed to helping young people become all they can be. Next time you are on the lookout for a great gift, or simply need a quality cutting board, look no further than the Richwood Cutting Boards at Yobel!

Product Feature of the Week: Sak Saum Wallets

Everyone needs a cute and functional place to keep their change, credit cards, and cash on the go. If you're like me, you need a wallet with enough space to accommodate far more gift cards, membership cards, and business cards than you really need. This silk Sak Saum Wallet is the perfect place to put all those cards with four credit card spaces and five full length pockets to hold cash, coupons, change, and receipts. Not only will it hold all your "buy ten, get one free" cards, in white, red, and blue with flower designs, it is a stylish way to keep all your important on the go necessities organized and easily accessible.


Sak Saum, the Khmer word for dignity, is the name of this project that helps rescue, rehabilitate, and restore human trafficking victims in Cambodia. Each year, Sak Saum trains 12 girls in sustainable business, and they now have over 50 men and women in a full time vocational training center. Sak Saum provides food, medical and dental care, transportation, fair trade salaries, education, and housing as needed. They also provide women with opportunities to take English language courses and literacy classes in the official Cambodian language. Through Sak Saum, vulnerable and exploited women in the Phnom Penh and Saang District are trained in sewing, design, and organization. With these skills, they craft unique wallets from primarily reclaimed cloth, turning abandoned items into something beautiful. So when you are looking for a new wallet, why not choose one that not only has the organized space you need, but is a fashionable addition to your every day outings and helps to provide women in Cambodia with the skills they need to provide for a great future.


Product Feature of the Week: Set the Captives Free Shirts

When many of you think of Yobel, your thoughts can so quickly flash to our signature shirt stating boldly, "Set The Captives Free."

It's a message we have spoken loud and clear since the day that Yobel was born. To come alongside those who are broken, battered, pushed to the fringes, and bring life, dignity, hope, and freedom to them. Some of those people live in other countries, some of them live in our own, and some of them are the very shoulders we rub day in and out. There is no formula for how people arrive in this place. But there is also no need for them to stay there. Yet, the answers seem so out of reach for them.

We fight to bring answers to these people. To give them the skills and knowledge to change their own circumstances. What once seemed impossible, is now an option for our friends here and all over the world. A chance to effect their families, friends, communities, and countries as a whole.

By purchasing one of these shirts, you are joining in the fight. The fight for freedom, hope, and the idea that people all over the world get to live a free and dignifying life; a life that they can be proud of.



Product Feature of the Week: Temple Bead Earrings

I’m really indecisive. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to eat for breakfast, let alone what to wear, but these unique temple bead earrings make one decision easy. In sea colors and rose, they go with just about any outfit. They are handcrafted, so each piece is one of a kind. You can walk out the door knowing that no one will have earrings quite like yours.


These charming earrings are made by women in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Yobel partners with UK based Just Trade and Via Design, who offers craft training and encouragement to help these women learn to provide for themselves through social enterprise. While creating this beautiful jewelry, they work in an ethically sound, supportive environment and earn a fair wage. Because of the skills these women have gained, they can provide for themselves and their families.

Why not save yourself a little time in the morning and invest in some earrings that will look fabulous no matter how many times you change your outfit, all while helping women in India learn to support themselves.

Product Feature of the Week: Kabum Ugandan Coffee

Coffee. It's one of America's favorite beverages. Coffee stands, shops, and stores sprinkle big cities and small towns alike. From Folgers to fancy Italian espresso, coffee covers a broad range of tastes, roasts, flavors, and forms.



A challenge for the fair trade industry, coffee is hard to track. So many hands sewed the seeds, grew the plants, picked the beans, processed them, etc. Even more hands are in the pot when coffee beans are blended together. Thus, no real accountability for ensuring fair trade practices throughout each process.

Which is one of our favorite things about Kabum Coffee. They are able to trace each ounce of coffee back to the very hands that made our beautiful (and might I add delicious) bags of coffee possible. Kabum seeks to not only fuel the world with great coffee, but to change the lives of the very people who create this great coffee.



Come by Yobel Market today and get your Fair Trade Coffee! Roasted locally,  it's absolutely delicious and employs farmers in Uganda to make a fair wage, while growing some of the most beautiful and delicious beans known the man kind.





Hello there conscientious consumer! You have come to a place of beautifully created goods exemplifying incredible craftsmanship from around the world. Each hand-picked gift bears the story of an individual on a journey out of poverty and exploitation, into freedom and dignity. We hope you will enjoy connecting with our global community as you peruse our fairly-traded, sustainably created wares while considering those who are behind them.

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