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Exposure Trips

Thank you for considering joining a trip with Yobel International. The exposure trips bring so much life and depth to the mission and purpose of Yobel. Our goal is that you will be given the opportunity through travel, service, and experience to be confronted with another culture; both the beauty and culture as well as the injus- tice that often plagues developing nations.

As always, Yobel International’s goal is to offer the opportunity to become aware, this time by offering a first- hand encounter with the very real people we partner with to see change through empowerment, love, and opportunity for both holistic education and development of a sustainable trade. We want to present the oppor- tunity to wrestle with some of life’s hardest questions in an environment allowing you to process and grow both individually and as a team. You will encounter harsh realities and very intense, vulnerable pain but you will also see hope, joy, and the healing power of love through long-term relationship and ministry. These trips are designed to expose you to a part of the world to which many never venture, and we are pleased to invite you to consider joining us in 2013-14! Email us for info on upcoming Burma, Costa Rica, and East Africa opportunities. 

“Meeting the different organizations that produced the products that I had seen in the store helped me to see that the products actually represent real people - it's not just stuff, but rather, it represents a whole different way of life and a whole world of opportunity that those people might not have been able to have otherwise.” 

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