Product Feature of the Week: Graphic Print Skirts

April 11, 2014 0 Comments

Product Feature of the Week: Graphic Print Skirts

Every morning, as that buzzing alarm sounds far-too-early, I peek out the window. It's decision time. Before I even roll out of bed I'm wondering,"What am I going to wear today?" Especially in Colorado, the mornings can be cold, the afternoons hot, and the evenings rather chilly. How to cover all that fickle goodness?

My excellent solution lies in the versatile skirt. Easily paired with boots, flats, a cardigan, or tank top, skirts are an essential piece to any wardrobe, as they offer an easy solution to my spring-time dilemma. Because of these fantastic qualities, Yobel knew that we MUST add a skirt to our growing Fair Trade clothing collection.

Our friends down in Juarez have directed their own sewing co-op for the past 3 years, discovering their sewing abilities and establishing sustainable provisions for their families. After sewing stuffed birdies, bibs, aprons, and scarves, we knew they were ready….ready for the big leagues. Apparel.

The skirts are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Created in small batches, these graphic prints don't last long! So get yourself down to Yobel today, and snatch yourself up a skirt. The sun keeps tempting us out of those jeans ladies, and you know it's time to sport those stems you've been hiding all winter!