Baskets, baskets Galore!

August 28, 2014 0 Comments

Baskets, baskets Galore!

They hold fruit, Easter eggs, old magazines, and blankets. But more than any material good, these baskets hold stories; moments of hope for a group of women residing in Byumba, Rwanda. These women are single mothers with few rights and even fewer options to provide for their children.

Hannah Ministries is a partner of Yobel’s that provides skills training for these women to learn to weave beautiful baskets. We have the unique privilege of watching these women enter the program, and begin to establish skills. And as they practice, work hard, and practice some more, their skills improve. In fact, they have done so incredibly well that our orders have increased every time. We are so proud of the work they are doing, and the ethically made products they are offering the world.


Now, when I look at my basket containing delicious reminders of summer on the kitchen counter, I see not only the beauty of that basket, but also Jaqueline’s face. I know that because I purchased that basket, she is able to pay school fee’s for her children.


Do you need something to hold those delicious Palisade peaches that keep tempting all of us here at Yobel Market? Would you like your dollars to really count? Come to the boutique and choose your basket today! These are one of a kind, hand-made beauties, and there is a limited supply. They are going quick!


Don’t’ live in Colorado? Never fear. Head on over to and pick out which woven creation suits your fancy. I will PERSONALLY send it to you with great delight, knowing that these baskets are finding great homes!