Fair Trade Chocolate + A Jar = One Happy Valentine

February 11, 2013 0 Comments

Fair Trade Chocolate + A Jar = One Happy Valentine

All stereotypes aside, this girl LOVES chocolate.  But not just any waxy, sugary, drugstore-variety mind you.  Give me the real deal or nothing at all.  I want rich, creamy, smooth, deep dark bittersweet cocoa (fairly-traded if you please).

And this past Christmas, I discovered it.  The Holy Grail de cacao. 

Ecuadorian-farmed, Colorado-made boutique truffles, bars, and best yet:

Chocolate in a Jar.  

When it comes to America's favorite 13 billion dollar confection industry, we have yet to see a product like this. It's not a sauce, spread or fudge. Nope.  This thing is in a class of it's own.  

Taste this: Fairly traded cocoa blended with organic coconut oil and fair trade organic sugar to make a thick, creamy eat-with-a-spoon chocolate treat that deserves a spot on the end table near your bed.  Warm it slightly and it becomes a decadent coating for fruit and shortbread.  Heat it a little more and you have a gooey topping to pour over ice-cream. Stir it into steamed milk and Swiss Miss takes a backseat. 

And now you too can access this incredible creation all the while knowing you are promoting sustainability in the realm of cocoa farming, supporting well-paying jobs in Ecuador, protecting the rainforest, and being certain that your favorite sweet treat is free from child and slave labor.  Not a bad way to say I love you.


Cocoa Farm in Ecuador