Our New Space

May 28, 2013 0 Comments

Our New Space

There is a LOT happening from our home base in Colorado Springs right now. We returned from a scouting trip to Costa Rica a month ago, went right into getting ready for the grand opening of the Sierra Madre space a couple weeks ago, and then into getting ready for the Uganda Trip where a team is now! Needless to say, we've had a hard time keeping up with all the news we want to share from around the globe!


We continue to be amazed by our community of supporters both locally and around the country. We are so thankful for each and every one of you! If you are one of our loyal friends that lives outside of the city, or you simply have not had the chance to hunt us down in our new location, here are a few photos of the beautiful new space on opening day:


This is the new office space. Here the staff will be able to work, file, meet, dream, and consistently be. Why is this special? In the previous location, the offices were whatever coffeeshop or living room they happened to set up in that day. Now, you will hopefully be able to find them a little more often. 


The next section is the new store space, what we are also calling our Show Room. It is smaller than our previous boutique, but we've kept a lot of your favorite products, and will continue to bring in some new ones. Stay posted, we are hoping to increase our online store selection, as well as plan to be at more shows around the country in the coming year.


The furthest area is the new meeting/dreaming space. There is space to chat, to create, to meet, and to brainstorm. There is even a kitchenette so we can have coffee and tea for our guests! Not to mention new tables and chairs and a beautiful whiteboard made from a huge old window.

And, of course, we now have a garage space. We were especially excited about this part of the space because it allows so much more storage than we had at the previous store, helping us to hopefully expand our wholesale abilities. We also hope to use it for a variety of events including movie nights.


Thank you to each and every one of you who helped make this happen. This place is the base for what we believe is an incredible transformation of our organization, and we would love for you to come along side of us in this journey. 

At the Grand Opening we launched our "Big Picture Club", giving our supporters a simple and tangible way to help us move forward in giving the oppressed around the world a dignified way out of poverty. For the price of a movie or a Netflix subscription, you can provide business trainings that will transform lives and communities around the globe. By joining the club, you also get some insider deals to Yobel, including exclusive events and deals. Click Here to learn more!

Also, if you haven't seen and shared our new promo video, check it out here:

Yobel International from Zion Pictures on Vimeo.


Thanks, again, for all of your support, and we look forward to your continued partnership on this adventure!