Product Feature of the Week: Leather Passport Holders

July 03, 2013 0 Comments

Product Feature of the Week: Leather Passport Holders

I have often found myself saying, "I really need a passport holder."  And whenever I NEED something, I can never find it. Well if you have found yourself in that very same place, look no further than Yobel Market! 

These are no ordinary passport holders. Like the passports they contain, each holds a story of hope, redemption, and freedom.

Our passport holders are handmade in East Africa from long-horned cattle that are treated with the utmost respect. They run freely with their friends and live a peaceful and happy life until they are used to meet the needs of our friends just outside Nairobi, Kenya. 

Here, you will find the largest slum in Africa known as the Kibera Slum. The design house creating our leather products works to employ members from the Kibera slum in hopes of offering dignifying work and creating a fair, living wage. Each purchase of a passport holder is a direct link to 1 person whose circumstances have been transformed by the hope of sustainable employment. You can personally touch someone's life, offering them an opportunity to live a life outside of poverty. And why not look good doing it?!

This classy item is a phenomenal way to protect your golden ticket to global travel, showcasing your adventurous style, all while changing someone's life. So hurry on down to Yobel Market or jump online and pick out yours today!