Product Feature of the Week: Costa Rican Cutting Board

July 08, 2013 0 Comments

Product Feature of the Week: Costa Rican Cutting Board

 Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries, boasting of bright birds, lazy sloths, beautiful flowers, and a stunning rainforest. 

Our good friends, the Chaverri family, have discovered the beauty of the different woods found in the rainforest, trademarking very "Costa Rican" style wood products. Even better, they are doing great things for the people they employ. To the rest of the world, Costa Rica is often thought of as a developing nation, but in actuality, it is a highly educated country. Men who are under-educated often find themselves impoverished due to lack of working skills. The Chaverri family seek out these men, teaching them woodworking skills, and eventually employing them at a fair wage. This provides stable work, income, and a growing dignity and pride in their abilities. Additionally, many of the mens' wives have been employed, using scraps of wood to make the mosaic cutting boards you find in our fair trade boutique. 

As partners of the Chaverri family, a portion of the money that Yobel Market receives from the sales of each cutting board goes towards child development through an organization called Food for the Hungry International. Our friends at FHICR seek to see development in the younger generations (especially throughout inner-city San Jose) so as to alleviate poverty and hunger. 


Join us in equipping men with the skills to support their families. Join us in alleviating poverty and hunger throughout Costa Rica. And get a stunningly beautiful cutting board! They are made from seven different woods, either rainforest certified or already fallen in the rainforest. Individually hand-made, the craftsmanship of each cutting board is intricate and detailed, creating a beautiful piece to display for all to see. Don't just use them to cut up your meat and veggies. Flip them over for a great cheese and bread platter or simply hang them on the wall. Additionally, these one-of-a-kind pieces make great wedding and housewarming gifts and are available online and in the boutique in several shapes and sizes!