Product Feature of the Week: Kabum Ugandan Coffee

July 24, 2013 0 Comments

Product Feature of the Week: Kabum Ugandan Coffee

Coffee. It's one of America's favorite beverages. Coffee stands, shops, and stores sprinkle big cities and small towns alike. From Folgers to fancy Italian espresso, coffee covers a broad range of tastes, roasts, flavors, and forms.



A challenge for the fair trade industry, coffee is hard to track. So many hands sewed the seeds, grew the plants, picked the beans, processed them, etc. Even more hands are in the pot when coffee beans are blended together. Thus, no real accountability for ensuring fair trade practices throughout each process.

Which is one of our favorite things about Kabum Coffee. They are able to trace each ounce of coffee back to the very hands that made our beautiful (and might I add delicious) bags of coffee possible. Kabum seeks to not only fuel the world with great coffee, but to change the lives of the very people who create this great coffee.



Come by Yobel Market today and get your Fair Trade Coffee! Roasted locally,  it's absolutely delicious and employs farmers in Uganda to make a fair wage, while growing some of the most beautiful and delicious beans known the man kind.