Product Feature of the Week: Set the Captives Free Shirts

August 07, 2013 0 Comments

Product Feature of the Week: Set the Captives Free Shirts

When many of you think of Yobel, your thoughts can so quickly flash to our signature shirt stating boldly, "Set The Captives Free."

It's a message we have spoken loud and clear since the day that Yobel was born. To come alongside those who are broken, battered, pushed to the fringes, and bring life, dignity, hope, and freedom to them. Some of those people live in other countries, some of them live in our own, and some of them are the very shoulders we rub day in and out. There is no formula for how people arrive in this place. But there is also no need for them to stay there. Yet, the answers seem so out of reach for them.

We fight to bring answers to these people. To give them the skills and knowledge to change their own circumstances. What once seemed impossible, is now an option for our friends here and all over the world. A chance to effect their families, friends, communities, and countries as a whole.

By purchasing one of these shirts, you are joining in the fight. The fight for freedom, hope, and the idea that people all over the world get to live a free and dignifying life; a life that they can be proud of.